No: 309, 24 October 2019, Press Release Regarding The Resolution Adopted At The European Parliament On The Operation Peace Spring

Республіка Туреччина Міністерство Закордонних Справ 24.10.2019

We fully reject the European Parliament’s (EP) position adopted today (24 October) on the Operation Peace Spring.

We are not actually surprised by this decision taken by those who are constantly hosting terrorists in their Parliament.

As previously stated on every occasion, our operation is conducted on the basis of international law, in accordance with our right of self-defense under Article 51 of the United Nations Charter and resolutions of the UN Security Council on fight against terrorism. The operation has targeted PYD/YPG, the PKK offshoot in Syria, which is also recognized by the EU and NATO as terrorist organizations, their shelters, refuges, positions, weapons, tools and equipment and all necessary measures have been taken in order to prevent any harm to civilians and damage to civilian infrastructure.

Furthermore, the legitimacy of this operation has been approved by our agreements with the USA and Russia.

With the statements we have made repeatedly so far to the international public and to our foreign official counterparts at the highest level, all the claims in this EP resolution have been denied and the necessary information have been provided.

Despite all our statements, the European Parliament has insisted on a biased position lacking of common sense towards Turkey, by adopting a decision incompatible with the facts.

Instead of showing solidarity with Turkey who is fighting against PKK/PYD/YPG and DEASH arising from Syria, and struggling with illegal migration, the EP has preferred to serve the agenda of a terrorist organization and to rely on its ungrounded accusations.

This decision does not serve to the efforts aiming to develop relations and cooperation between the newly elected EP in May and Turkey.

This decision shows that the EP cannot properly follow the important developments in the regional and global arena, assess the causes and the consequences of these developments in an objective and holistic way and that it is unable to develop sound and relevant strategies. We consider the efforts to link the developments on the Syrian crisis with irrelevant issues such as the Customs Union and pre-accession funds as a great mistake.

The EP and the EU, instead of being grateful to Turkey, a candidate country to the EU and a NATO ally, for this operation which accelerates the political solution process in Syria, prevents separatism, formation of a terror zone and the efforts to create a demographic change in the border of Europe and NATO, protects the unity and territorial integrity of Syria, prevents further irregular migration and helps Syrians to return to their country safely and voluntarily, continue to take imprudent conclusions.

As an inseparable part of Europe, Turkey is aware that its security is directly linked to the security of Europe. This is why, until today, Turkey has contributed to the security of Europe and has made important sacrifices to this end. Turkey is determined to pursue this stance. No power and no resolution can prevent Turkey from taking steps for its national security.

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