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Press Release Regarding The Conference On Disarmament’s Adoption Of Work Programme , 03.06.2009

The Conference on Disarmament  has approved its work programme on 29 May 2009,  in Geneva, after a deadlock of more than ten years. In overcoming the deadlock, we pay special tribute to the Algerian Presidency of the Conference for their contributions to the process. Turkey, a member of the Conference on Disarmament since 1996, during her Presidency in February 2008, for a period of four weeks, contributed substantively to the process.

The Conference on Disarmament, which paved the way to the global adoption of arms control and armaments efforts, has played a leading role during the negotiations and agreement on important international instruments, such as The Nuclear non-Proliferation Treaty, Biological Weapons Convention, Chemical Weapons Convention and the Comprehensive Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty. We hope that overcoming the deadlock in the Conference, will accelerate the ongoing work in the fields of disarmament, arms control and non-proliferation.

Considering arms control and disarmament as  fundamental aspects of its national security policy, Turkey will continue to support efforts that will increase the Conference’s contributions to global peace and stability.