Message to IMAGE.UA readers

Erdoğan İşcan 01.03.2008

A fundamental task of a diplomat is to give the accurate picture of the country to which he or she is accredited. In order to fulfil this task adequately, in addition to own observations, one needs to establish proper contacts and have access to reliable sources, among which the media constitutes a highly significant one. I have been following with interest the IMAGE.UA since its first publication. It has been a prominent source for me in respect of drawing a true picture of Ukraine. I extend my sincere congratulations to IMAGE.UA for playing an important role in forming a positive image of Ukraine for the interested foreign political observers as well as for potential foreign investors.

As a Turkish diplomat, I had been profoundly curious and had a genuine desire to have an opportunity to represent my country in Ukraine. I feel lucky to have been given this privilege. Since I assumed my duties, I have had wonderful experiences. I have been observing the remarkably strong will of the people to transform the society and align it with contemporary norms and practices, despite considerable difficulties and obstacles. Obviously, it is not an easy task if you take into account that it has only been 17 years since Ukraine gained independence. The transformation process will have to continue with a view to integrating fully into the international structures. On the other hand, we must not lose sight of the tremendous achievements so far, in spite of the huge dimensions of the targets. One would fairly see the huge progress by comparing Ukraine 1991 and Ukraine 2008. There is every reason to rely on the highly sophisticated intellectual capacity of the Ukrainian people and remain optimistic about the bright future of this country.

The feelings of the Turkish people toward the Ukrainian people have always been friendly, despite the controversial history of the region that our peoples have had to share. They have influenced each other and thus certain common characteristics have emerged throughout history, which play an important role in shaping the future of our friendly cooperation.


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